8th Annual Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival
Friday & Saturday, March 15-16, 2019!

Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival is a unique event, featuring writing and publishing workshops, and a special day when local and national authors sell and sign books at a festival market in a beautiful downtown Venice, Florida park. VISIT THE FESTIVAL WEBSITE

Our Friday Writers Festival will include presentations to help writers hone their skills and sell their books. LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE EVENTS AND HOW TO REGISTER

The Saturday Book Fair is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  This year, the event will take place in Blalock Park, across the street from the new William H. Jervey, Jr. Venice Public Library, Venice Art Center, Venice Community Center, and Venice Museum & Archives.

All proceeds from the Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival go to Venice Heritage Inc.


• To promote and protect the heritage of the Greater Venice, Florida area
• To preserve and protect the John Nolen Plan of Venice
• To restore and maintain the Lord-Higel House
• To maintain and enhance the historic Triangle Inn
• To enhance the city of Venice Museum and Archives
• To educate the public about the history of Venice